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the dynamics of an asteroid

1 January
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I'm a London based artist, trying to stay afloat by working a thankless job. I art whenever I can, whatever catches my fancy. At the moment my fancy is very firmly rooted in the Sherlock Holmes fandom.


This is a metablog inspired by this work of genius. In order to fully understand what is going on here, it is highly recommended that you read the Theory of Narrative Causality and head over here.

Feel free to friend (this account does only refriend ingame friends) and comment. As this is a blatant sock account, more_arty will not be joining any comms. Anon just wants to have a bit of fun; causing wank is not the intent of this little corner of the interweb. (At least none outside the game.)

Attention: The dates on this blog do not match up for obvious reasons. For in game purposes this blog has been active since 2004 and all comments match the entry dates.